9 Best Toys for Yorkie Puppies in 2022

Yorkies are small but very energetic dogs and originally was a breed that helped to catch rats in the mines. They’re good at chasing a toy, grabbing it with their mouth, and shaking it around and squeaky toys are very effective and help them to satisfy their natural inclination of hunting. 

They are physically active and highly intelligent and to make them happy you need to spend time keeping them busy, giving them tasks, playing games, and exercising together. Yorkies don’t like boredom or solitude, so when you leave for work or you’re traveling and you leave Yorkie alone at home, make sure they have a companion toy that will keep them busy. When they’re puppies, they need something they can chew on and a toy is a great option instead of your expensive shoes.

Comparison Table for the Best Toys for Yorkie Puppies

ProductFeaturesCheck on Amazon
Hide-a-squirrel squeaky dog toy6 stuffed squeaky squirrels, soft plush, mentally stimulating,Check price
Ottoson interactive puzzle gameRewarding puzzle, removable brick bones, easy to cleanCheck price
Furbo interactive dog camera1080p full HD camera, night vision, 2-way audio, treat tossing, barking alerts, Bluetooth, and wifi connectionCheck price
Wickedbone smart boneInteractive auto-play modes, safe and durable material, long battery life, easy to cleanCheck price
Kong natural teething rubberNatural rubber, unpredictable bounce, food puzzle, dishwasher safeCheck price
Pet qwerks talking babble ball3 in a pack, talking toy, lightweight, easy to catch, various size optionsCheck price
Smartpetlove snuggle puppy heartbeat stuffed toyPulsing heartbeat, disposable heat pack, reduces negative behaviorCheck price
Multipet Nuts for knots heavy duty ropeHeavy-duty rope, natural colorsCheck price
Nylabone puppy chew toyPromote pups dental health, gentle on gum, irresistible tasteCheck price

Reviews for the Best Toys for Yorkie Puppies

Toy for Yorkshire Terrier

Hide-a-squirrel Squeaky Dog Toy

A hide and squeak fun dog puzzle that’s an easy way to keep your dog engaged for hours. This tree trunk with 6 stuffed squeaky squirrels is small enough to fit your Yorkie pup’s mouth. The holes are also the right size to make it a bit challenging to get the squirrels out of the trunk. The stuffed plush texture is gentle on the teeth and gums making it a great choice for both puppies and adult Yorkies. Puzzle toys are great for mental stimulation and encourage problem-solving, but require supervised play.

  • Interactive toy
  • Keeps the pup occupied for hours
  • Squirrels are the right size and fit perfectly in the mouth
  • Can be chewed through easily


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interactive toy for Yorkie

Ottoson Interactive Puzzle Game

An interactive dog toy with a 2 level design including additional obstacles and a combination of steps. This helps to heighten your dog’s focus and keeps your dog mentally stimulated as they search and sniff out the treats. You can hide different kinds of treats in the compartments and your furry friend can have fun finding them. This toy is a great way of encouraging positive play habits, redirecting destructive behavior, and reducing your dog’s anxiety levels. The toy is built with safe materials and it’s easy to clean with warm soapy water.

  • Great for mental exercises
  • Helps to kill boredom
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Not stable on the ground
  • Supervision needed.


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treat tossing toy for Yorkies

Furbo Interactive Dog Camera

This interactive dog camera tosses a treat to your dog using the free Furbo app and is filled with different dog treats. It uses live stream video that monitors your dog day and night. Using the free app you can interact with your dog, take a video or photo and even toss a treat. You can also use the app to check on your pup and monitor his activity through the full HD 160 degree wide angle so you can see your dog and the room clearly or even use night vision when you’re not at home. It alerts you of potential danger.

  • Can interact with your dog even when you’re away
  • Wifi easy to connect
  • Night vision is great
  • Expensive
  • Prone to malfunctions


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Interactive Toys for Dogs

Wickedbone Smart Bone

This interactive toy is programmed to attract your dog’s attention and doesn’t need to be manually operated. The 12 types of emotionally driven systems allow the wicked bone to automatically adjust how it reacts depending on the different actions of your dog. The wicked bone app on your phone allows you to move it using its virtual joystick. Its detachable tires and protective cover are easy to take off and clean and the soft strong material protects your pup’s teeth and claws.

  • Easy app installation and pairing
  • Keeps your pup occupied
  • The manual mode is great
  • Short battery life
  • App requires full access to your phone

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    chewing toy for Yorkies

    Kong Natural Teething Rubber

    A soft rubber dog toy made for a growing pup’s baby teeth. It helps with your Yorkie’s urge to chew, play and explore. It’s designed with a hole in the middle or side where you put some food or sized treats and the treats fall out as it moves around. This encourages your pup to play for a while encouraging healthy play which is a fun way of exhausting the excess energy. Its unpredictable bounce allows you to play some exciting games like fetch and other interactive games with your pup.

    • Helps with teething problems
    • Made with durable material
    • Keeps your pup entertained
  • Can get stuck in your pup’s jaw

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    Talking Toy for Yorkies

    Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball

    These babble balls will automatically talk when touched, so whenever your dog touches, bites or chews the ball it activates the talking mode that keeps your dog fascinated and entertained. It has more than 20 different sounds or wisecracks that will encourage your pup to chase it keeping him entertained for hours. You can also use the toy to help you bond with your dog. The babble ball will turn itself off when not in play.

    • Very interactive toy
    • Durable battery life
    • Most dogs love the babble balls
  • Has some small metals parts that your dog can swallow

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    stuffed toy for Yorkshire terrier

    Smartpetlove Snuggle Puppy Heartbeat Stuffed Toy

    This snuggle toy is a great way of helping your pup transition to their new home, reduce separation anxiety, stress during thunderstorms or fireworks and help sleep throughout the night. It will also help calm your puppy when you’re not around. It has a real feel rhythmic heartbeat and a warming heat pack with 2 mode settings that you can set to beat for 8 hours or 24 hours. The belly pouch holds the heart and heat pack that you can easily insert and turn on/off which also makes it easy to machine wash.

    • Works wonders in calming your pup
    • Great for crate training
    • Very easy to clean
  • The toy’s nose can be a choking hazard

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    rope toy for Yorkie

    Multipet Nuts for Knots Heavy Duty Rope

    Rope toys help to keep your dog engaged and encourage your Yorkie to chew on something other than your shoes or couch. It also encourages active play and stimulates your dog’s mind as it unravels the rope. This rope is designed for dogs that are aggressive while chewing and like to tug. This tug toy is both durable and interactive which provides hours of fun for both you and your Yorkie pup.

    • Keeps your dog engaged for hours
    • Great fun for you and your pup
    • Helps clean your Yorkies’ teeth
  • The threads are easily broken

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    teething toy for Yorkshire Terriers

    Nylabone Puppy Chew Toy

    Chewing is not only fun for dogs it’s also a great way of maintaining dental and oral health. This chew toy is designed with soft material for teething pups and is covered with a special nub texture that helps to clean the teeth and prevent the buildup of tartar and plaque. It’s available in many different textures, shapes, and irresistible flavors that your pup will love. This toy will help in discouraging destructive chewing behavior, soothe your pup’s gums, keep your dog entertained, and promote dental health.

    • Keep your pup entertained
    • Soft on the gums
    • Great for small pups
    • Material isn’t durable


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    What are the Best Toys for Yorkies?

    • Yorkies have a high prey drive so they’re full of energy and need good playtime to satisfy their hunting instincts. So to keep them out of trouble, you should provide them with regular physical and mental exercises. You should have a few good toys around to keep your pup entertained.
    • Yorkies are sweet and intelligent dogs that get attached to their parents very easily. Toys that are cuddly, lightweight, and soft like soft stuffed animals will keep them calm and happy when you’re not around.
    • Yorkies are naturally curious animals and a squeaky toy that produces sounds will be a great toy to keep them happy ad occupied.
    • To prevent your Yorkie from chewing on your shoes and couch, rope toys, chewable dog toys, or small ping pong balls will help with the teething problem and keep them calm.
    • If your Yorkie is bored with the regular toys, you can look for a puzzle or interactive toy that will keep him entertained for a long time.

    Tips for Playing With Your Yorkie

    • If your pup is aggressive with the toys, remove the toy and work on their behavior by using treats to reward proper behavior.
    • If you give your puppy a food toy, choose one that will allow your dog to eat slowly like a peanut butter stuffed Kong or a puzzle toy.
    • A toy that encourages a dog’s instinct to hunt or chase after prey like toys that bounce erratically, a squeaky toy that makes animal sounds, or a toy that your dog can chase will be a favorite.
    • Give your dog toys that make him excited early in the day and those that calm him down when it’s near his bedtime.
    • Change up your dog’s toy to keep them interested, so you’ll need a variety of toys available during the day.
    • Provide your pup with lots of water during playtime. Yorkies can be relentless, so take short breaks from play for water and rest to avoid getting dehydrated and overheated.

    Different Types of Dog Toys for Yorkies

    Chew toys

    Not all tough toys are meant for chewing, so you should have a few toys specifically for this purpose. Chew toys will help clean and massage your dog’s mouth reducing the spread of dental diseases. Organic chew toys are great since they provide healthy minerals.

    Fetch toys

    These are a great choice since Yorkies have natural hunting instincts. However, these toys will require more space than others. Your pup will require space to run after the toy, grab it and bring it back which will provide both physical and mental exercise.

    Indestructible toys

    Although they aren’t impervious to harm, they can withstand your dog’s constant chewing on it and rougher play. If left unsatisfied, Yorkies can be aggressive chewers, so you should have a few tough toys that will prevent your dog from chewing on furniture and your things. However, these toys can be tough but won’t harm your pup’s teeth and gums.

    Interactive toys

    This will help to keep your pup engaged and encourage their desire to look for things. Hidden plush toys will satisfy your Yorkie’s instincts. However, just like humans, dogs can also get bored when they lack stimulation, so you can have a few interactive toys at hand to keep them engaged and occupied.


    There are plenty of Yorkie toys for puppies, but you need to be careful about the toys you choose for your pup. The Hide-a-squirrel squeaky dog toy is a fun dog toy with hidden squeaking squirrels that will keep your pup engaged for hours.


    How Much Should a Yorkie Puppy Play?

    On average, a Yorkie needs to exercise moderately like a 20-minute walk at a brisk steady pace with some play in between to keep him healthy and happy.

    How often should you bathe a Yorkie puppy?

    You should bathe your Yorkie at least once after every 2-4 weeks, but if your pup is a bit more adventurous, you can increase the number of baths.

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